[Digital] 1 Peter Bible Study: Men's

[Digital] 1 Peter Bible Study: Men's

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This study of the book of 1 Peter will be a 10-week journey of lifting our perspectives heavenward, reminding us of the incredible hope and inheritance we possess as we pass through this broken world as sojourners.

To name a few ways you may be impacted throughout this study:

  • You will be encouraged by the relatability of Peter.
  • You will find wisdom and guidance in how to navigate trials and persecution because of your faith.
  • You will be inspired to resist evil and injustice in God's upside-down Kingdom way.
  • You will be challenged in how to love others in a more Christ-like and sacrificial way.
  • You will be exhorted to live exemplary lives full of good deeds and service.
  • You will be renewed in your vision of marriage.
  • You will be instructed in what Godly leadership looks like.

Overall, we trust you will come away transformed by this study because God's Word is living and active.